Casino Games – 5 Best Vegas-Style Apps For iPad and iPhone

The Apple iPad is set to completely revolutionize the nature of gaming. While the iPhone and iPod Touch gave us a glimpse of what a full multi-touch gaming device is capable of, the iPad brings this experience to us with a full-sized screen. Some of the most popular games on the iPad will undoubtedly be casino games. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear as if you can play these games for real money yet. However, there are a few casino games which let you hone your skills, play with your friends, and otherwise have a lot of fun. Let’s take a look at the top five casino games currently available to download for the iPad.Texas Hold’em (Apple) – $4.99It’s hard to create a list of the best iPad casino games without mentioning this official game created by Apple. This game has everything you’d expect in a game made by Apple. The graphics are beautiful, and the gameplay is intuitive. You can easily set up a match against your friend via a Wi-Fi connection. Depending on whether you hold the iPad in landscape or portrait mode, you can get a different view of the action. In-game tips, strategies and hints make this game top-notch.World Series of Poker Hold’em Legend (Glu) – $2.99This is a high quality poker game released in November 2009. You can play against your friends via Bluetooth, or play against players from all over the world on your internet connection. This game is based on the number one brand in poker – the WSOP. What poker player doesn’t dream of getting his shot at the World Series? You get to play in authentic venues, and you can even save your favorite hands so that you can show your friends the huge bluff you made or the unbelievable lucky draw of your opponent.Blackjack (MobilityWare) – $0.99MobilityWare makes the most popular blackjack app in the AppStore. If you don’t want to pay the 99 cents, then you can opt for the free ad-supported version. This game is designed to emulate the real world conditions of a Las Vegas blackjack game. Although you don’t play for real money, you can practice and hone your skills for the times when you do actually sit down at a real money table. This is a great game if you want to practice your card counting skills so that you can finally beat the dealer.Big Spin Slots (Electron Hut) – $1.99This is an extremely popular slots game for the iPad. It features a traditional 3-line slot machine display rather than the confusing 50-line slot machines you sometimes get from other apps or in Vegas. You can simply shake your iPad to begin spinning the wheels, and then touch them via the full interactive interface to stop them. Big Spin Slots also features a bonus game that resembles a wheel of fortune spinning wheel. This is the type of game you won’t be able to put down because you want just one more spin.Aw Craps! (24x7digital) – $1.99This is by far the most realistic craps game in the App Store. It features audio to simulate the calls of the dealer, and the dealer will even give you hints and tips on how you can place your bets. The dice rolling is probably the coolest experience that has ever been developed. It is 3D and fully realistic. You can gently shake your iPad to joggle the dice in your hand, or shake it hard to roll the dice. The dealer will give you a warning if you don’t throw the dice hard enough. This is an extremely high quality game.

How to Play Casino Blackjack

Blackjack is one of if not the most classical games inside casinos across the world. People have continuously been drawn to play Blackjack due to its possible high profits and excitement. The game not only involves the luck of drawing cards, but a sharp statistical mind that can make quick precise decisions. Blackjack is also a great game for beginners to learn card values and table etiquette.Rules of BlackjackThe rules of blackjack are fairly simple, it is the strategy that complicates certain situations. The main objective in blackjack is to have a hand value closest to 21 without going over. Every card between 2-10 is valued exactly as the numerical value, therefore, a 7 has a value of 7. All facecards are valued at 10, and aces can be valued at 1 or 11 depending on which value will suit the player’s hand better.Beginning PlayPlay begins when the dealer deals the initial two cards to each player along with him or herself. Every player’s cards are face down or face up depending on the casino, but the dealer will have one of his or her cards face up for players to view. Before these cards are dealt each player will have made his or her initial bet. Because all players’ cards may be viewed at the table, players should take the opportunity to view them just for reference of cards left, however, today within casinos, multiple decks are being used to make counting cards nearly impossible.After each player has been dealt two cards, they will have the opportunity to receive more cards or stop at which the value their hands exists. If players would like to receive another card simply say “hit me,” this will indicate to the dealer that player wishes to have another card. Once the value of your hand is sufficient, players can stop the dealer by saying “I’ll stand” aloud, but be careful not to exceed 21 or your hand automatically loses.After all hands have been determined it is the dealer’s turn to approach 21 the best he can. The casino completely dictates the dealer’s moves, therefore, no decisions are ever left for him or her to personally make. These rules should be visible at the table before one sits down. Most dealers will be dictated to never stop “hitting” before they reach a value of 17 or “bust” which means having a value over 21. Some dealers will stop at a “soft” 17, which is discussed below. If your hand is closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand, then you will win your initial bet, some casinos even have bonuses for hitting 21 or “Blackjack”.”Soft” is a term that refers to an ace within a hand. Because the ace can be valued at 1 or 11 it is possible for a player to switch that value from 11 to 1. Let’s say you are dealt an ace and a 6 for a value of 17 with your first two cards. You could still “hit,” and let’s say you drew an 8 then a 5, that ace value would drop from 11 to 1, leaving you with a total end value of 20, an extremely strong hand.Other Possible BetsPlayers can also make two other types of bets in Blackjack that make the game slightly more interesting. The first of which is called a “double down” bet. This bet can occur when a player wishes to only receive one more card, and also doubles his or her original bet. The second, a “Split,” can occur when a player was dealt a pair in his or her first two cards, such as 9-9. This split will take each 9 and begin a new hand with each, therefore, a double bet is also require to fill in for the second hand. At any time throughout this process a player can surrender his or her hand by folding his or her cards and taking back half the initial bet.Blackjack is an extremely exciting and fun way to become a better analyzer, and practice your statistical skills. To learn more visit Microgaming Flash Casinos [].

Casino Slots – Best For New Entrants to Casino Games

There are innumerable types of casino games which a gaming enthusiast can play online or offline. Slot machine games are undoubtedly the most popular of all casino slots. They are also perhaps the most misunderstood. There are many myths associated with slots. It is important to note that slot casino slots have changed dramatically over the past few years.If you are a regular casino slot player, you must be aware that all slots have a random number generator or RNG regardless of its type. One common misconception about such machines is that all combinations have an equal chance of hitting the jackpot. What is not known to a majority of gamers is that all slots are programmed to reflect a certain number of winning combinations and losing combinations. Good old commonsense would tell us that there will be more losing than winning combinations because of obvious business reasons.Many players believe that a near miss situation indicates that the jackpot is just around the corner. This is another big myth. It is nothing but a deliberate tactic to ensure that you keep playing in search of that elusive magical combination. These near-miss combinations are programmed to create that feeling that you are close to winning and ensure that you do not leave the slot early. In reality, a near miss hardly means anything in a casino parlance. Your previous spin is completely unconnected to your current or next.If you are a regular slot player, you will agree that a vast majority of players feel that once a jackpot is hit, it is impossible for the feat to be repeated again for some time. This once again is totally untrue. The same logic of your last spin having nothing to do with your current spin applies here too. Each spin on a slot is a fresh game and it is entirely possible to hit a jackpot on successive spins. There are many examples of such incidents happening in both online and offline slots.